Dear Sir,

We are aware that, since Ukrainian shipping industry is developing with a tremendous speed, it is a significant task to choose among a various quantity of companies, proposing their assistance in a Maritime business area. Said companies are frequently packed with an experienced personnel, offering wide services list. So, what are the key benefits of cooperating with our company?

Among usual statements on settling different tasks on market price level, declared by other companies, we would like to propose to Your valuable attention a brand new solution, allowing a significant expenses saving on one of the major DA item— tug dues 5% discount and a fixed o`time (25% lump sum, in case of any). Also, mooring gang is already Your disposal, providing Yours an opportunity to save on said item as well – service cost is already included into tug dues fee. Needless to say, that all other DA items will be kept to minimum level, considering acting official regulations/actual expenses occur.

Also, in close future, following services will be proposed by our company as well to have a single tool for main port call items management:

  • Pilot service
  • Boat service

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

Awaiting Yours for further discussion of our future fruitful cooperation.